Nietzsche or Nurture?

20 mins by Sound and Fury |

This week we hang out with Freddy Nietzsche, George Formby and John Coltrane. Peter Pan visits and cappuccinos get consumed. 'Home Suggs!'

John Coltrane: The Atlantic Years in Mono

Chinese Laundry Blues by George Formby

The Basic Writings of Nietzsche (Modern Library) - translated and edited by Walter Kaufmann

Nietzsche's sister Elizabeth was responsible for selective quoting of his work to promote her anti-Semitic agenda and he also suffered from inferior translations into English prior to Kaufmann

Madness - Driving in My Car (Official Video)

Boasting perhaps the most quintessentially English beginning to any song, Madness's 'Driving In My Car' brings to mind the opening credits of classic British '70s TV sitcom Are You Being Served. The stand-alone single came out in 1982, spending eight weeks in the UK chart and peaking at #4. The song documents the joys and tribulations of driving in the Maddiemobile, the 1958 Morris Minor featured here.